How to Resolve "PermissionAlreadyExists" Error in Laravel Migration - php artisan migrate:fresh --seed

Are you encountering the dreaded “PermissionAlreadyExists” error in Laravel while running the php artisan migrate:fresh --seed command? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. This common hiccup often arises due to insufficient permissions, but fret not – I’ve got you covered with a straightforward solution.

Understanding the Issue

When you run Laravel’s migration command along with seeding, it attempts to create permissions for your application. However, if the required permissions already exist or if Laravel encounters permission issues, it throws the PermissionAlreadyExists error.

Identifying the Problem

One telltale sign of a permission-related issue is when clearing the cache

php artisan cache:clear

fails, resulting in an “ERROR: failed to cache clear” message. This indicates that Laravel lacks the necessary permissions to perform operations in the storage directory.

Resolving the Error

To swiftly tackle this error, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Root Cause: When faced with the PermissionAlreadyExists error, it’s essential to recognize that it often stems from inadequate permissions in the storage directory.
  2. Granting Permissions: Execute the following command in your terminal to grant full permissions to the storage directory:
    sudo chmod 777 -R storage/
    his command recursively (-R) grants read, write, and execute (777) permissions to the storage directory, resolving any permission-related hurdles.
  3. Rerun Migration: Once permissions are set, rerun your migration command (php artisan migrate:fresh --seed), and voila! Your Laravel application should now smoothly execute migrations and seeding without encountering the dreaded error.


Don’t let the “PermissionAlreadyExists” error derail your Laravel project progress! By promptly addressing permission issues within the storage directory, you’re not just solving a current hurdle but also fortifying your application against potential stumbling blocks in the future.

Ensuring proper permissions isn’t just a one-time fix – it’s a proactive measure that safeguards your project’s integrity throughout its development lifecycle. So, the next time this error rears its head, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and tools needed to swiftly overcome it, keeping your Laravel journey smooth and uninterrupted.

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